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Cybersecurity Modules

Project 1: Product Analysis

Project Overview


Students will use the proper resources to make product selection recommendations in light of known threats and vulnerabilities, using the CVE Details website: the interface to Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures—a dictionary of tens of thousands publicly known cyber security vulnerabilities. Each team will analyze the vulnerabilities of three products and deliver a presentation summarizing their findings and recommendations.

Courses for Implementation:

  • Security+

Key Terms/Major Topics:

  • Key terms: vulnerabilities, CVE, product selection, product recommendation
  • Technical skills: Each team will analyze the vulnerabilities of three products. Compile empirical data on products to establish organization standards and drive product selection. Write report supported by tabulated and charted data. Make product recommendation via a presentation supported by gathered data.
  • Employability skills:
    1. Teamwork. Work in teams to analyze the vulnerabilities of the scenario products and make a recommendation based on empirical data.
    2. Problem solving. Collect data and analyze the vulnerabilities associated with the products given in the scenario. Make a recommendation based on those results.
    3. Verbal communications. Create a PowerPoint presentation that successfully communicates their analysis.
    4. Written communications. Summarize the data collected in Excel spreadsheets, using charts and tables.


Estimated Time Required: 2 hours